About Gino Goss

Award winning Producer/Artist, Trumpeter, Latin percussionist Gino Goss decided in 2008 to embark on his own, forming Gino Goss and Jammajazz, producing a unique and exciting sound that is all his own. In 2009, he released is debut CD ALMOST FAMOUS to glowing reviews. Various cuts from this freshman CD can be heard globally.

Gino is currently in the studio working on his sophomore CD, having released nine singles from that CD, Funk It Up, award winning Kalimba Dreaming, award winning Night In Rio, award nominated Voodoo Magic and award winning Egyptian Drifter, award nominated Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart, Black Zulu, and Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart ~ The Remix and award winning Loosing My Way. As a producer Gino has featured vocalists from Brazil, Italy and India, as well as UK guitarist, on various tracks.

Gino's influences from some of the world’s greatest musicians, as well as his wide-ranging repertoire of pop, jazz, contemporary, R&B and world music has led him to create aesthetically rewarding performances which capture and accentuates the warmth, excitement, chemistry, and spontaneity of his shows.

2014, Gino has been honored with fourteen nominations in the genre categories of Jazz, Easy Listening and World Music at the 3rd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards held in Hollywood, CA. Taking home the awards for Best Male Jazz Artist and Best Jazz Song for Loosing My Way . In 2013, Gino was a ten time nominee of the Indie Music Channel Awards in Jazz category and five time nominee in World category. Taking home Best Jazz Song, Best Jazz Recording and Best Jazz Video for Kalimba Dreaming and Best Male World Artist for Egyptian Drifter. In 2012, Gino became a six time nominee and four time winner of Indie Music Channel Awards, including all genre Producer of the Year.

Gino’s unique sound and style leaves you with a silky, sexy, smooth and mystical feeling.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Indie artists are some of the best, hardest working, most unrecognized musicians in the world. Music is the very fiber of our being, it is in our soul and spirit ! We strive to bring a smile to you, make your head bob and your toes tap. Much of our music is the soundtrack to your lives. Can you imagine a world without music, I can't. As one year is about to end and a new one begins it is my sincere hope that all who friend, like, share and generally support indies on Facebook will reach out and support our endeavors and purchase your favorite artists !! NewUSB's "Supporting 100% Independent Artist" is not just a slogan. 
God Bless ~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!
My motto: All for one and one for all !!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


There's great music today, as in every era, but why were the '60s and '70s such a fertile era?  Why did we get the British Invasion, the San Francisco Sound, Motown and the great acts of FM radio? Today people listen to the radio and watch "X-Factor" and "American Idol." But most musicians have no desire to imitate these performers, at least not the ones I know. 

They say MTV saved the music business. One could argue quite strongly it killed it, me for one. Everyone in the game knew you could get rich if you had a hit. Now you just can't get that rich playing music.  It seems the record execs no longer care about music, they just want money. The acts are disposable and music devolves into formula. By time MTV stopped playing music and the execs squeeze all the cash out of both new and old acts, via overpriced CDs and concert tickets, the music, most notably the jazz scene is all but dead.  And I don't know when it's going to come back.

Many mainstream acts of today have no soul, no backbone and no individuality (we call it 'the formula' sound). They want the money and their handlers are imploring them to do this, because they want their commission. Everybody's chasing an ever-shrinking piece of the pie. What did one composer say recently, "I'd kill myself if I got into the music industry now." Today it seems there's a definite ceiling in music. The radio stations were rolled up when Bain Capital and Thomas H. Lee Partners took Clear Channel private and squeezed out billions of stations.   Now stations have innumerable commercials and they all sound the same. What's more they'll only play what's on the major labels.  The rich are getting richer and the musicians are being left out. And yes, piracy contributes to income deprivation, but it's more complicated than that. The industry no longer can just recognize genius and nurture it.  Paying your dues, doing it because you love it, very few are willing to play that game. We won't have another heyday for music until we're all in it together. No one is speaking truth, they're just speaking money, and it hurts us all.  I must say, this is heartbreaking because there is such a wealth of fresh, new, talented artists that deserve to have their voices heard !

All for one and one for all ~ Indies its time to Stand Tall !!  I'm just sayin !!~~~~  2012 The Year of The Indies !!
Musically Yours ~ Gino ~~~

Sunday, May 27, 2012

1st ANNUAL INDIE MUSIC CHANNEL AWARDS - Hollywood, California -2012

            The First Annual Indie Music Channel Awards were held on April 28, 2012, in Hollywood, California.  It was truly a magical evening where many of the stars of the Indie Music world shown brightly.  I was honored to have been nominated in six categories and even more blessed to have won four awards - Best Jazz Record - Night In Rio, Best Jazz Producer - Night In Rio and Best Jazz Video - Night In Rio.  The surprise of the evening came when I won Best Indie Producer of the Year.  All I can say is that God is truly in the blessing business.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kalimba Dreaming by Gino Goss

Release your mind and soul while 'Kalimba Dreaming' frees your spirit. Music is what feelings sound like.