About Gino Goss

Award winning Producer/Artist, Trumpeter, Latin percussionist Gino Goss decided in 2008 to embark on his own, forming Gino Goss and Jammajazz, producing a unique and exciting sound that is all his own. In 2009, he released is debut CD ALMOST FAMOUS to glowing reviews. Various cuts from this freshman CD can be heard globally.

Gino is currently in the studio working on his sophomore CD, having released nine singles from that CD, Funk It Up, award winning Kalimba Dreaming, award winning Night In Rio, award nominated Voodoo Magic and award winning Egyptian Drifter, award nominated Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart, Black Zulu, and Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart ~ The Remix and award winning Loosing My Way. As a producer Gino has featured vocalists from Brazil, Italy and India, as well as UK guitarist, on various tracks.

Gino's influences from some of the world’s greatest musicians, as well as his wide-ranging repertoire of pop, jazz, contemporary, R&B and world music has led him to create aesthetically rewarding performances which capture and accentuates the warmth, excitement, chemistry, and spontaneity of his shows.

2014, Gino has been honored with fourteen nominations in the genre categories of Jazz, Easy Listening and World Music at the 3rd Annual Indie Music Channel Awards held in Hollywood, CA. Taking home the awards for Best Male Jazz Artist and Best Jazz Song for Loosing My Way . In 2013, Gino was a ten time nominee of the Indie Music Channel Awards in Jazz category and five time nominee in World category. Taking home Best Jazz Song, Best Jazz Recording and Best Jazz Video for Kalimba Dreaming and Best Male World Artist for Egyptian Drifter. In 2012, Gino became a six time nominee and four time winner of Indie Music Channel Awards, including all genre Producer of the Year.

Gino’s unique sound and style leaves you with a silky, sexy, smooth and mystical feeling.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart

Listeners don’t want to hear what artists have to say, they don’t want to think about artists at all.  And too many artists just want to pile drive listeners into submission, with endless e-mails and tweets telling them to take an hour out of their day, if at all possible an hour every day for a week, to let their song/album sink into their brain.

Artists are all wondering…what it will take to get noticed.

First we have to establish relationships with the fans, prospective fans and more internet radio deejays than we can count.  Then we have to feed them something so infectious that not only would the deejay not stop playing our song, but the fans will throw their arms up in exultation.

Listening doesn’t have to be difficult. Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, stuff you don’t get the first time through. But now, with so many options, people don’t endure that which is not pleasing, they move on, so if you think repetition is your friend, you would be wrong.

The basics never change. You’ve got to practice, be original and wait for your moment, then you have to deliver.  That’s how we crafted Just Don’t Want Another Broken Heart.   You get it the first time you hear it played and you want to hear it again and again.

It’s incredibly easy.  But it’s incredibly hard.

What makes a “Hit” - You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need any of the trappings, from looks to Facebook friends to an uncle in the business, you’ve just got to have that one indelible cut, that makes people need to hear it more.  It works in every genre of music. As for Just Don’t Want Another Broken Heart you’re captured by the sound of drums and then the strings, guitar and horn come in and your head starts to spin and you ask that classic question…HOW DID THEY COME UP WITH THIS AND HOW SMOOTH CAN IT GET!

I have often said, that the mark of a great artist, is someone who leads us into the unknown and we can’t help but follow.  It’s what’s being played in your car, home and on your job, loved by music lovers of all ages and all genres.  It’s something transcendent,  pure and easy.